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Important Site Considerations - Please Read

This site is a continuing work in progress. A lot of images are missing and there are a few images of poor quality (remnants from a low quality scan of some of my paper pictures from the "oldtime")
It is also possible that you should find some mistakes in the database despite our efforts; please let us know about those mistakes to improve the quality of the information given by this site.

If you download and save pages for reference, please come back every few months to get the latest updates. I am continually checking data and making corrections to ensure accuracy. Also, I receive regularly new data and add images, spectra and comments as they become available.

English is not my mother language and you will also probably find some mistakes. My apologizes for those and dont hesitate to communicate to the author the right terms or spelling.

Contributors and Sources of Information

The information on this web-site is compiled from many sources. First of all, classical books on luminescent minerals;
The most important are:

There are also a few websites giving systematic information on luminescent minerals from specific localities: The most important general internet source of information for minerals being and Those sites have proven to be an invaluable mine of information. They have provided much information on the properties given in the database and alternative names of the minerals. I have not tried to duplicate their database content, but instead refer you to their pages with a link at the end of every mineral description for a complete set of informations including worldwide localities where these minerals are known to have been found. The localities cited in the database of the website are localities known for the luminescent quality of the minerals.

Some of the information presented on this site are from my own observations of minerals or from the observation of other people but are not published. To provide an indication that an information is widely admitted, and how relevant the information may be, I have also given a bibliography or at least the source of the information when possible for each mineral cited.

I owe many thanks to Michael Gaft for his authorization to publish a lot of luminescence spectra coming from his book "Luminescence Spectroscopy of Minerals and Materials" written with Renata Reisfeld and Gerard Panczer and plotted by the Institute of Mineralogy, University of Vienna, Austria (Pr Lutz Nasdala).
Stuart Schneider have also given the permission to publish 10 beautifull pictures used in his book "The World of Fluorescent Minerals".
I must also thanks Richard Loyens, a Belgian collector of luminescent minerals and former FMS Vice-president for Europe, for providing informations on luminescent minerals, as well as remarks on the development of this database.

Piet Van Hool also a Belgian collector member of the FMS is another excellent source of informations and remarks.

Michael Doel, FMS member, who have helped to improve the english version

Last but not least, James Hamblen gives also the authorization to use the pictures he made for his page on luminescent minerals.

Image and Information Contributions

If you have a digital image that may be of value, or information on a mineral that is not available on this web-site, please feel free to contact me at gerard.barmarin(at) I am interested in new or corrected name or luminescence properties or important localization, of luminescent mineral , and images that will help illustrate them in daylight and under UV light.

I ask that the image be your own (that means you own the copyright). Its use will include a credit to you, and if you desire, a link to your web-site.

Images should be in JPEG format if possible, color, and no smaller than 350 pixels wide , but bigger if possible even if it will be reduced to be used on the website. Any useful images will be welcomed and examined for use as primary image or in the galery of a particular mineral. The use of an image will eventually necessitate the reduction in size if large, that I can do. If in a format other than JPEG, I can convert to JPEG format. No other processing will be done without the owner's permission.

Mineral images MUST be accompagnied by specification of type of UV used to take the picture and if possible findplace.

Copyright and Extended Fair Use

All images on this site are copyrighted. They may be used under the fair use rules for copyrighted materials. Commercial use of any sort, without the permission of the copyright holders, is not permitted. Allways contact the copyright holders before using their material.

All images have an information or a link beneath them to their copyright owners. If no special mention of copyright, copyright by Gerard Barmarin 2009-2010 (c)

In addition to the fair use for copyrighted materials, the following is also granted for the images by Gerard Barmarin:

Images may be downloaded, saved and printed out for private use only. They may not be sold, traded or bartered. They may be given away only as a gift. This applies to all formats and media. If you plan on making color prints of any images for use as artwork, please let me know.
Images may be used educationally, at no charge, for all grades, from preschool to university doctoral levels, provided no charge is made for distributing them. This includes, but is not limited to:

These images are available, for free, for use in text books, technical articles, research papers and similar scholarly works, including at the university level. Please contact me if they are to be sold, as I would like to be provided, if possible, a single copy of the work, in either printed or electronic format, for my own education and information.
Please contact me for use of the content on another educational web-site. I will usually grant permission for their use provided my copyright and the source location of the specimen be included on the site. However, the information itself is not copyrighted, and is free to all. Feel free to make a link from your website to the site under the condition you inform me of the link.
People who will attempted to download this web site in its entirty will quickly realized that it is quite large and that the search in the database will not be operationnal on the downloaded data. It may be possible if really needed to make an operationnal copy of the website on a cd or dvd. Normally, I will not do it but will accept to make a try for teachers, professors and professional mineralogists if really no other possibility exist. I ask three things: you make copies for others; these copies are not to be charged for, except that you may require blank media in exchange; and the date on the master copy be placed on the copies made for version tracking.
For non-educational commercial use of the content of the site including images, please contact me [ gerard.barmarin(at) ].


The specimens whose images are shown on this site are normally NOT available for sale, trade or barter. They are the property of the collector who's name mentionned beneath. Sorry.

Point of Contact

To send comments, provide information for use on this site, or correct errors, please send your e-mail to Gerard Barmarin at: gerard.barmarin(at) Just copy and paste the address into the address line of the e-mail and replace (at) with an @). You can also use the contact page of the site

Hope you will enjoy or have enjoyed this site

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